About Seawork Cares

Seawork Cares is a non-profit initiative established to support & assist Namibia’s most vulnerable individuals. At Seawork, we care about our future and believe that together we can create a better tomorrow, today. We believe education is the great equalizer - Providing those less fortunate, with the opportunity to pursue their dreams!

Seawork Cares was established to provide those in need with the resources to build a brighter future. Due to a lack of food security thousands of children are forced to fend for themselves and drop out of primary school every year.

Forming part of Seawork Cares, our Adopt-a-School initiative is aimed at providing a healthy meal for underprivileged primary school children in remote, rural areas of Namibia, providing relief and allowing them to focus on their education.

We believe in our mission and know that “A good meal can equal GREAT results!” So, get in touch today, and help us give our Namibian children the chance for a better future!

Why Seawork Cares

Many poor, uneducated families struggle to find employment and suffer from malnourishment.

Everyone should have the chance to live a life of independence, with the ability to take care of themselves. We want to uplift people in the poorest communities and give them the opportunity to become educated - to help them secure job opportunities and thrive in later life.

We have the vision to create an environment which fosters a brighter future for Namibia - creating healthy, well educated, self-sustainable independent communities.

Challenges we face

Limited access to basic needs make it extremely difficult for children in rural areas to focus on their education

Project Reach

Primary School

Primary School

Primary School

Primary School

Happy Land

Learn In Peace

Primary School

Supplying healthy meals for
underprivileged primary school children
in remote, rural areas of Namibia

Adopt-A-School Roadmap

2019 - March School Onboarding Tour
  • Tour to Marmer primary school in Aus and Cocoma junior primary school near Rundu
2019 - May Schools inducted to the Adopt-a-School program
  • Marmer primary school in Aus and Cocoma primary school in the North inducted into the Adopt-a-School program
2019 - November Book Drive
  • Donated books to learners aged 7-13 or from Grade 1-7
2020 - May COVID Outreach Program inception
  • Seawork Cares helps 13 soup kitchens in Namibia to provide 2000 people daily meals, to help relieve the economic impact of the COVID19 pandemic
2020 - August COVID Outreach Program Fully operational
  • Our Outreach Program is scaling up to meet the needs of the community - providing over 2500 people with meals daily. Providing relief from the economic impact of the COVID19 pandemic and giving Namibians hope for the future. Seawork Cares assists Promiseland orphanage in providing a total of 15 973 meals to those in need from July 2020 to September 2020.
2021 - March School Tour
  • Tour to Marmer primary school in Aus and Cocoma primary school near Rundu to inspect the facilities and gauge the effectivity of the relief provided
2021 - August Vaccine Drive
  • Assisted in sponsoring and promoting a COVID19 Vaccination drive in association with Gondwana Namibia
2021 - September Gravel Grinder Cycle Competition
  • Raised awareness and funds for Seawork Cares and the Adopt-a-School Foundation Associated the brand with health and fitness – improving network of sponsors
2021 - December Christmas Bag Drive | Namibian Police | Youth Soccer Tournament
  • Donated 550 bags to underprivileged school children in Namibia – bags contained necessities such as stationery, hygiene products and a small toy for Christmas
  • Providing food and supplies to the numerous roadblocks and patrols ensuring our roads and towns are safe during the festive season
  • Hosting an event for over 100 children aged 11 – 15
2022 - May Site inspections / Scouting
  • 6 Schools visited, lasting 9 Days and over 3300km traveled
2022 - July Seawork Seafood Festival
  • Promoted the sale of Seafood products in Windhoek and created awareness of Seawork Cares mission and vision. Over N$ 20 000 in funds were raised for Seawork Cares
2022 - August FNB Partnership With Seawork Cares
  • N$250 000 in donations received for the Adopt-a-School program
  • 3 Additional Schools receive aid from Seawork Cares
2022 - September Coastal Classic
  • Raised awareness and funds for Seawork Cares and the Adopt-a-School Foundation
2022 - November Bag Drive – in progress
  • Supplied 1300 bags in 2022
2023 - March Site Inspections

Meet the Team

Seawork Cares is proud to present our team of talented, dedicated, and hard-working individuals! - Working behind the scenes to ensure the procurement, logistics and distribution of our food parcels and educational supplies are on schedule and delivered to those most in need - Traveling far and wide, to the remotest regions of the country scouting for rural schools.

Annie Theron
Project Co-ordinator
Christian Tors
NPO President
Melissa Langenhoven
Magdalena Kapofi

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Frequently asked questions

Please have a look below for answers to more commonly asked questions.

How Can I Get Involved?

Do you want to make a difference and lend a helping hand? Give us a call, lets have a chat and discuss how you can make a difference in your community. We are affiliated with orphanages and soup kitchens all over Namibia, so let us help you get in touch with social responsibility programs in your community – to help those that need it most.

Financial assistance is not the only way you can help! With so many living under the subsistence level and in need of assistance, we appreciate all the help we can get! Any donations are welcome, including donations of: food, bedding, cutlery & crockery, stationery & school supplies, toiletries & cleaning products, or even school desks, benches, and chairs.

Are you a primary school in need of assistance? Or do you know of a primary school that needs our help?
We are here to make a difference where we can! There are some pre-requisites to become shortlisted candidates for our Adopt-a-School program. Please follow this link to view more information about our requirements.

Please download an applicable form below, fill them out and email them back to us at info@seaworkcares.com

General Assistance Application Form
Specific Event / Project Application Form

Want to lend a hand and make a difference?
We are affiliated with orphanages in Walvis Bay and Henties Bay - Our volunteer program welcomes any helping hands.
These children are victims of abuse and neglect – to mitigate any potential threats to their wellbeing and security with their best interests in mind - Candidates seeking to assist are required to submit their personal information and participate in an evaluation interview to ensure their compatibility with our programs.

Get In Touch

Would you like to get involved? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

  • +264 64 212 600
  • info@seaworkcares.com